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Why Would You Need Us As Your Third-Party Advisory?

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At the heart of our values, we champion a customer-focused approach dedicated to enriching our clients with deep understanding and insights into the complexities of the renovation process.

As a third-party advisor, our expanded services now include not just education on renovation planning and market transparency but also comprehensive range of renovation materials & home furnishing services at a membership deal. This evolution in our service offering ensures that our priority remains firmly on guiding our clients through the nuances of renovation, equipping them with the essential tools, knowledge, and confidence needed to make smart, efficient, and well-informed decisions on their renovation journey.

So whether you are an existing/new homeowner or property investor. It definitely worth going for. 

Plus+ Member

Under One Roof With Warranty

Online/Retail Shop

Finding Shop By Shop


Kitchen Nano-Sink

Window Furnishing









Kitchen Nano-Sink

Window Furnishing








You Save $4,018 
Based on a HDB 4 Room

Subjected to the final selected products 

Membership Benefits




More Than Just Advisory

Once you become a Plus+ Member, you'll enjoy more than just advisory services. You'll have access to our products at exclusive membership prices, accompanied by warranties directly from Space Plus. We take pride in the quality of our sourced products.










Saving Your Time Finding & Spending Less

Gone are the days of scouring shop by shop for competitive prices matched with quality. As a Space Plus+ member, you'll save considerably while enjoying the same quality or even better. No more need to search online without warranties or after-sales services. Space Plus+ assures you of quality and warranty.




Premium Products

We adhere strictly to high standards in our production and never compromise on quality. Each product is meticulously chosen to meet the needs of customers seeking excellence. Our product range spans lighting, kitchen equipment, window furnishings, and home furniture.

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