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  • What are the benefits of the membership?
    Alongside expert renovation advisory, our members enjoy access to premium products at the best prices, without the need to comparison shop or rely solely on contractor recommendations. This streamlined approach saves time and ensures quality in every aspect of your home renovation.
  • How does the process works?
    Advisory Planning To begin, schedule your initial consultation with us. We recommend booking at least 1-2 weeks in advance to ensure that we can prepare adequately to meet your specific needs. Renovation Proposal From the initial advisory session to the delivery of your tailored renovation proposal, the process typically takes a minimum of 2-3 weeks. This duration can vary depending on the scale and complexity of your renovation project. Ongoing Support Our commitment to your renovation success doesn’t end with the proposal. The Plus+ Team will continue to support you throughout your renovation. We assist with quotation analysis and ensure you receive the full benefits of the products and services available to our Plus+ members.
  • What is a quotation analysis?
    With our Blueprint Membership or higher, we offer quotation analysis to help you understand cost justifications and avoid low-cost baiting in your renovation quotes. #avoidrenovationscamsingapore
  • Who are our clients?
    We served customers as new homeowner's, property investors, and real estate agents. We do welcome any other individuals or trade related professional.
  • Do we provide installation services?
    No, Space Plus+ does not directly provide installation services. However, we collaborate with professional third-party handyman companies. As a Plus+ member, you'll enjoy reduced rates for installation services. *Example: Standard Rate - Installing a table typically costs $150 - $180. For Plus+ Member - $100-120 for the same service. *Installation prices are subjected to different products to be quoted. Please note, certain products like kitchen sinks and lighting are supplied only for installation by your interior designer or contractor.
  • One-time membership for retail purchase?
    Yes, you can join the membership solely at $99 for 12 months. This membership will allows our members to enjoy the retail shopping experiences for your needs.
  • Space Plus+ Product Quality?
    For each and every products from Space Plus+, we specially selected and quality control the design, materials from the factory to make sure it last as we take pride for our products.
  • Does Space Plus+ products cover with warranty?
    Yes, every products from Space Plus+ are covered with warranty. Please do contact our team for more information on warranty.
  • Can I combine purchases from Taobao with Space Plus+ products shipment?
    Yes! Simply share the Taobao product link with us, and we are able to open discussion with you to create a shopping list with us and arrange the items to be shipped together with our products for added convenience. However, you will need to bear with any bank charges & the shipping cost, we will not be held responsible for any warranty or missing items for the purchase item too.
  • Can we use credit card for the purchase?
    Yes, you are able to use credit card purchase on any items with minimum spending of $3,000.
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